Rates for Carpet Cleaning and Other Services

Basic Maintenance Cleaning Rates:

$100.00 up to 350 sq ft. (minimum charge).
$149.95 up to 700 sq ft.
Overage charge is .35/square foot.

Stairs are $4.00-$8.00/step depending on size and soilage
Landing areas are $10-$20 and up each depending on size and soilage

Maintenance cleaning includes: Steam cleaning extraction, preconditioner for all areas, and a deodorizer. Chemically the package is designed for lightly soiled carpet only.

If a customer wants a written estimate only, there is a $25 charge. The estimate is good for thirty days. If the customer books the appointment in that time the $25 will be credited towards their bill.

Additional Services:

Deep Scrubbing/Restoration is .35/square foot.

Sanitation is .35/square foot for a topical application.

Any sanitation has a $49.00 minimum charge.

Specialty Stains are a $40.00 minimum charge and include the following: Paint, ink, cosmetics, pet stains, rust, gum, coffee, tea, wax, tar and blood.

Kool-aid, fruit juice, wine or any beverage that contains certain types of food coloring (or dye) has a $50.00 minimum charge. The exact cost of all these stains are based on time/effort, the stains severity and can only be determined by the technician on site.

While we have a lot of success improving/removing these stains, There is no warranty on a complete removal of these stains.


Basic cleaning package:

  • Sofa: Synthetic $69.95 (up to 7ft). Dri cleaning $109.95 (up to 7ft)
  • Sofa/Loveseat combo: Synthetic $109.95 (up to 12ft), Dri clean $159.95 (12ft)
  • Overage rates: $11.00/linear ft (synthetic), $16.00/ft (Dri clean for cotton fabric).
  • Leather $20/Foot
  • Chairs $29.95 and up.
  • Sectionals are $15.00 ft for synthetic, $20.00 for Dri cleaning. Both rates include deep scrubbing.
  • Dining room chairs: $5.00-$15.00 each depending on fabric,condition and if the back needs to be cleaned.
  • Automans are $19.95-$39.95 each depending on size, fabric, and soiling.
  • Loose back cushions are $5.00-$20.00 each depending on size, fabric and soiling.
  • Deep scrubbing is $5.00-$10.00 per foot, depending on condition.
  • Fiber Protectant is $7.00/linear foot.
  • Sanitation is $7.00/linear foot (again with a $49.00 minimum).

Berber Carpet and Low PH Acid Rinse:

We charge an extra $5.00/per 150 sq ft. We charge extra because it takes a little longer to clean. We will also recommend an acid rinsing process to correct the PH level to prevent any “browning”. The cost is .20/sq ft and $1.00/step. We will also recommend this process for excess soap in the carpet from previous cleanings on ANY carpet.

Wool Carpet:
Wool Carpet is .40/square foot and $6.00/step. There is a two step for this (cleaning and rinsing). It is not to be combined as part of the square footage rate.

Area Rugs:
Synthetic rugs are .50/sq ft. Wool rugs are $1.50/sq ft. We can clean them on site. If we cannot clean them on site, it is $1.00/sq ft additional.

Repairs & Restretching:

R & R’s have a minimum charge of $85.00. On site written estimates are $25.00. If we pick up the job the estimate charge will either be waived or deducted from the bill. Our restretching rate is $8.00/square yard.

Nearly all R & R’s will come with a lifetime warranty of the carpet.

Tom Crosby is our R&R technician. His cell # is: 612-209-4374. If there are ANY questions, contact him or Mark.

New Carpet Installations:

New carpet installs have a $25.00 written estimate fee and again would be waived or credited if the work is performed.

Water Damage:

Estimate fee is $49.95 and goes from there.