Minneapolis Professional Carpet Cleaning

About Advanced Carpet Restoration

For your home or office, sometimes do it yourself carpet cleaning techniques don’t cut it.  For the best Minneapolis professional carpet cleaning service, turn to Advanced Carpet Restoration. If you are in the Minneapolis area and in need of professional carpet cleaning, look no further than Advanced Carpet Restoration. We at Advanced Carpet Restoration offer great deals on services like carpet shampooing, carpet re-stretching, stain removal and carpet replacement. Considered one of the best Minneapolis professional carpet cleaning services, Advanced Carpet Restoration is here to help you out.

What Makes Advanced Carpet Restoration the Best Minneapolis Professional Carpet Cleaning Service?

  • Our knowledgeable professionals are some of the nicest and easiest to work with in town
  • We have years of experience within the industry, and we want to use it to clean up your home!
  • We are proud of our reasonable prices, check them out here.
  • We offer a wide range of services including carpet restoration, cleaning, re-stretching, repairs, mattress cleaning, carpet installation and more!

The Best Carpet Cleaning Service in Minneapolis

With Advanced Carpet Restoration’s arsenal of spot cleaning weapons, no spots or stains stand a chance. Call in the professionals to clean spots caused by paint, ink, cosmetics, pet stains, rust, gum, coffee, tea, wax, tar or blood. Don’t panic! Tough stains are Advanced Carpet Restoration’s specialty. Remove odor, restore your carpets to their original shine, and experience the difference of a professional carpet spot cleaner like Advanced Carpet Restoration. Check our reasonable rates on the Advanced Carpet Restoration website at viewacr.com. Don’t wait! Get your estimate today! A clean carpet just looks and feels better than a dirty one. A clean carpet is softer to the touch, and keeps its color vibrancy much longer than one that is not regularly cleaned. A clean carpet will brighten up your home, as well as smell clean and fresh.