Minneapolis Pet Stain Carpet Cleaner

In need of a top quality pet stain carpet cleaner for your carpets and upholstery? The cleaning industry and the carpet mills suggest cleaning your carpet and upholstered furniture annually, but more frequent cleanings may be required if you own cats and/or dogs. Cat owners in particular should have a pet stain carpet cleaner come out every six months. Our dedicated professionals at Advanced Carpet Restoration are highly experienced when dealing with tough pet stains, and have been known to work miracles on the most stubborn stains. We use environmentally-friendly equipment and pay attention to the details, leaving our customers, and their pets, very satisfied with the results. Contact us today to book an appointment and see for yourself!

Why Should I Hire a Professional Minneapolis Pet Stain Carpet Cleaner?

This a question that is occasionally asked. There are a number of reasons why you should, and many of these reasons become more important when you share your home with cats and/or dogs.

  1. The Health of you and your family.

Your carpet is the biggest filter in your home. It traps far more dust, dirt, bacteria, cat hair and dander, and other types of impurities than a filter in your furnace. Not only is cleaning your carpet necessary for dirt removal, but for odor control as well. It is also aids greatly in improving allergies.

  1. The overall aesthetics of your home.

A clean carpet just looks and feels good. It makes the whole room (as well as the rest of the house) brighter, feel softer, and refreshed. In short, you just feel that much better about your home.

  1. Your large investment in your home.

Your carpet is a big investment as part of your biggest investment, your home. It is probably the most used part of your home. Protect your investment with a professional pet stain carpet cleaner every six months, and your carpets will remain in top condition.