Minneapolis Cat Urine Remover

Cats provide endless entertainment, but any cat owner knows that cat urine remover should always be close at hand. For the jobs that require more than your favorite DIY cleaning methods, Advanced Carpet Restoration is your go to professional cat urine remover. Many cat urine remover substances available for purchase in the grocery store will leave behind sticky residue, something you don’t want on your home carpeting. Even DIY methods can leave residue, or worse, damage your carpeting or upholstered furniture. When dealing with tough stains and odors, it’s best to call the professionals. Advanced Carpet Restoration has the knowledge and expertise to be your go to cat urine remover.

Minneapolis Cat Urine Remover is Required When:

  • Tough stains have been left to set in to the fibers in your carpet
  • Cat urine has been left on upholstered furniture without treatment
  • DIY cleaning methods have failed
  • Cat urine odors remain after stains have been lifted

Why Chose Advanced Carpet Restoration for Pet Stains and Odor Removal

Cat urine can affect the dyes used in carpet and upholstery fabric, although not all cat urine spots will result in permanent stains. The ability to lift the stain depends on the urine content, the dyes and finishes used in the carpet and fabrics, as well as the length of time the urine sat without treatment. You may notice the dyes in your carpeting and/or fabrics change color immediately upon contact with cat urine, while other cases may take weeks or months for the chemical reaction to become apparent. When you see this slow reaction in our carpeting or fabrics, the stain may be permanent, and your carpet may need partial or full replacement. When you see a pet have an accident, act quickly. Blot up excess fluids with a damp rag and keep the area moist with water. Your next step should be to pick up the phone and call Advanced Carpet Restoration for professional cat urine remover services.