Steam Cleaning

At Advanced Carpet Restoration we use a variety of methods to clean up high traffic areas in your home as well as the removal of stains. If carpet restoration is something you need in your home, we have the chemicals, cleaning process, and experience to restore your carpet to its previously clean and sanitized glory. Best of all, you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars to replace your carpeting. Why replace when you can restore it instead?

Learn More About Carpet Restoration and Deep Stains

We use an effective combination of repeated process of going over the high traffic areas in conjunction with a high speed rotary scrubber to create agitation and give you the best results for high traffic areas and stain removal. This effective process will ensure a very significant improvement, if not a complete removal, of deep stains and worn down carpet fibers in these areas.

Deep stains often referred to as “specialty stains,” are generally regarded as stains that are not dirt, grease, or oil based. Specialty stains that require carpet restoration include pet stains, Kool-aid, wine, rust, paint, cosmetics, coffee, and tea. The improvement or removal of these specialty stains are generally done by repeated use of chemical solvents, heat transfers, agitation and steam cleaning. While no one can guarantee complete stain removal, we can deliver a significant improvement. Here’s a useful tip for homeowners that may save you from permanent stains in the future. If you can catch a spill while it’s still fresh, quickly dilute it with water and blot continuously to weaken the stain. This significantly increases our chances of being able to completely remove the stain without a trace. Next time wine gets spilled on your white carpets during a dinner party, don’t delay in getting water and a rag on that spot! Then schedule an appointment with Advanced Carpet Restoration to finish the job!