Couch Cleaner

About Advanced Carpet Restoration

A professional couch cleaner knows that your couch is an important part of your home. A meeting place at the end of the day, the couch is often what we dream about when we’re running around at 1 in the afternoon with a seemingly endless day ahead of us. Your couch deserves some love and respect, and a professional couch cleaner.

Dirty Upholstery in Your Home Can Be A Health Hazard!

Hiring a couch cleaner to clean your upholstery like Advanced Carpet Restoration can help you avoid the following health hazards:
• Dust, dead skin, and dust mites which can cause a variety of health issues including asthma and allergies
• Urine, blood and food on upholstery and mattresses can result in odors and significant bacteria growth
• Soils which cause premature breakdown of upholstery and mattress fibers, resulting in a shorter lifespan for some of your most expensive investment pieces

Call Your Local Professional Couch Cleaner and Avoid Dust Mites!

Regular upholstery and couch cleanings remove things like dust, dead skin and dust mites. The average person spends approximately 1/3 of their life in their bed. Knowing this, you might wonder why more people aren’t concerned about the health and hygiene of their mattress. Your upholstery and mattress can be the most soiled, bacteria-laden surfaces in your home. Cleaning the sheets and even comforters is not enough. You mattress and couch is the primary source of allergens, odor, bacteria, dust and dirt. Keep your home safe and clean by calling us here at Advanced Carpet Restoration and sleep well knowing dust, dead skin and dust mites have been banished from your home!