Bloomington Carpet Cleaners

Bloomington Carpet CleanersIf you are searching for Bloomington carpet cleaners then you have come to the right place. Advanced Carpet Restoration has over 50 years of experience cleaning, repairing, and installing new carpet all across the Twin Cities. We handle everything from burns and stains to pet odor removal. Here is a list of Bloomington carpet cleaners services we provide:

  • Carpet cleaning and restoration
  • Restretching
  • Repairs
  • Installation
  • Mattress and upholstery cleaning

If you are thinking about replacing the carpet in your home consider having it professionally cleaned instead. It is much less expensive then replacing your entire carpet, and often times after a cleaning or restoration the carpet looks as good as new! If your carpet has burns or is damaged only in specific areas we may even be able to repair it. Don’t spend money you don’t have to, consider cleaning and restoration before replacement.

Why We Are the Best Bloomington Carpet Cleaners

Our cleaning process is different than many of the other companies out there. We have truck mounted units for use in most homes as well as high performance portable units for use in condos, offices and apartments. Drying time is typically just 8 – 12 hours (although in the winter months it may take up to 24 hours), which is much shorter than many of our competitors can offer. Not sure if your carpet is even able to be cleaned or repaired? Our service technician’s job is to set your expectations during their estimate so you can make an informed decision on whether to clean and restore or replace you carpet. Give our Bloomington Carpet Cleaners a call today to set up an appointment for an estimate. Your nose and feet will thank you for it.