Best Carpet Shampooer

Apple Valley Carpet Cleaning

One of the questions we hear most frequently, is why hire one of the Twin Cities’ best carpet shampooers? In other words, why pay for a professional when I feel I can do the job myself. There are many reasons to hire a professional at least once a year to shampoo your carpets. Trust Advanced Carpet Restoration, the area’s best carpet shampooer, for your health, the aesthetics of your home, and to protect your investment. Read on to learn more.

1.) For the Health and Wellbeing of Your Family

Believe it or not, your carpet is one of the largest air filtration systems in your home. Your carpets can be blamed for trapping dirt, dust and bacteria, even more than your furnace. With a quick call to the best carpet shampooer in town, you can protect your home against harmful air pollutants, as well as odor. Annual carpet shampooing done by a professional can even improve your allergies!

2.) To Keep Your Home and Carpets Looking Great

A clean carpet just looks and feels better than a dirty carpet. Softer underfoot and with brighter colors, a freshly shampooed carpet gives your entire home a quick facelift. Why not brighten up your home with regular cleanings? You’ll love the way your home looks, feels and smells.

3.) To Protect Your Investment

Finally, our third reason to hire a professional for a thorough carpet shampooing involves protecting your initial investment. Carpets are one of the largest investments in your home, and definitely one of the most used. It can cost upwards of $10,000 to carpet an entire home, depending on carpet quality and the size of your home. Annual cleanings will help ensure that even the most abused carpets last a long, long time. Why throw money away? Schedule an annual cleaning for your carpets today, and enjoy these, and many more of the benefits that come with well-maintained carpets.