Area Rug Cleaning By the Professionals

Area Rug Cleaning Are you in need of an area rug cleaning? Sometimes do-it-yourself remedies just aren’t enough. That’s when it is time to call the pros! Here at Advanced Carpet Restoration we have over 50 years of experience cleaning carpets, upholstery, and yes – even area rugs. If you have tried home remedies to treat your stained area rugs with no success then it might be time to give the area rug cleaning pros a call. Stains aren’t the only thing a professional rug cleaning can help with, many area rugs hold in odors that can only be removed through a thorough cleaning.

Why should you have your rugs professionally cleaned?

  • For your senses
  • For aesthetics
  • To protect your investment

With the help of Advanced Carpet Restoration you can return your area rugs to their original splendor. Our advanced cleaning technique will not damage your area rugs and will restore them to their previous beauty. We are able to treat those hard-to-remove stains, like red wine and pet accidents, better than anything you can get from a spray bottle. An area rug is a reflection of your home and your style, as well as an investment. An investment that deserves to be treated with care by the professionals.

Area Rug Cleaning Rates

The cost to clean area rugs is likely less than you think and varies based on material. For synthetic rugs the cost to clean is $0.50/sq. ft. and wool rugs are $1.50/sq. ft. We are typically able to clean on site, right at your home or office, but if not we do charge an additional $1.00/sq. ft. to clean them off site. We us a combination of high quality, non-toxic and environmentally safe chemicals for all types of area rug cleaning and odor control. We service Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding suburbs. Contact us today for an estimate or to make an appointment.