Did you know carpet is now the number one floor covering in many commercial settings? A dirty, smelly, or stained carpet can leave a lasting negative impression on your clients or prospective clients. It can even create an undesirable work environment for your employees. Our dedicated professionals at Advanced Carpet Restoration are here to help.

Advanced Carpet Restoration serves the entire Twin Cities metro area and will get the job done right. We use environmentally-friendly equipment and pay attention to the details, leaving our customers very satisfied with our results. Contact us today to book an appointment and find out for yourself!

3 Reasons Your Business Hire Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

There are a number of other benefits to hiring a professional carpet cleaning service:


Your carpet is the biggest filter in your office or commercial setting. It traps far more dust, dirt, bacteria and other types of impurities than a filter in your furnace. Not only is cleaning your carpet necessary for dirt removal, but for odor control as well. It also helps improve allergies.

2. Aesthetics.

A clean carpet just looks and feels good. It makes the office or commercial building brighter, feel softer, friendlier, and refreshed. In short, a clean carpet leaves a lasting impression on clients, customers, and other important figures walking through your building.

3. Investment.

Your carpet is a big investment in your business. It is the most used item in any commercial setting and picks up outside dirt, salt, food crumbs, coffee spills, and a variety of other hazards. Carpeting an entire office can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on carpet styles and square feet, so a cleaning by a professional will make a vital asset to your home last much longer. The cleaning industry, as well as the carpet mills (the manufacturers of your carpet) recommend an annual cleaning by a professional for best results. A dirty, smelly carpet is a huge turn off for a business.

Can Anyone Clean Commercial Carpet?

First impressions matter in business, making it important that your carpet is cleaned right.

At Advanced Carpet Restoration, we have the cleaning process, equipment and the knowledge to be able to give your business the best results. When renting a machine or trusting anyone to clean, you’re leaving soap and/or cleaning residual in the carpet, thus attracting dirt, grease, oil, and other unwanted

substances into the carpet. In addition, these products offer no guarantee your carpet won’t fade, stain, or become an embarrassment to potential clients. There is simply no replacement for a professional service.

What Does a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service Provide?

Advanced Carpet Restoration uses a combination of high quality, non-toxic and environmentally safe chemicals for all types of cleaning and odor control. We combine that with 200 degrees of high-pressured water temperature for deep penetration into the carpet and a very high vacuum (or lift) to ensure maximum extraction all the elements in the carpet as well as fast drying. We almost always use truck mounted systems for this. The exception to this is using high-performance portables for hard to reach locations such as upper floor apartments, condos and commercial offices. We always use the truck mounted systems whenever possible.